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Join The Digital Inclusion Movement 

Donate or Purchase an Ecommerce Startup Kit

The Digital Inclusion Project is not just about technology; it's about opening doors to opportunities, dreams, and futures. You're invited to be part of this transformative journey.

💼 Ecommerce in a Box

Our unique 'Ecommerce in a Box' startup kit is a comprehensive package designed to empower underrepresented entrepreneurs. Priced at $2000, it includes everything an ecommerce business owner needs to hit the ground running:

  • Domain Registration 1 year: The first step to online identity.

  • Shopify (6 Months): A robust platform to build and manage an online store.

  • Klaviyo, Yotpo, Gorgias: Top-tier tools for marketing, customer feedback, and support.

  • Email Address Setup: Professional communication starts here.

  • Canva Access: Unleash creativity with easy-to-use design tools. 

🌟 Every Contribution Counts

We understand that not everyone can purchase a full kit. But as with everything we do we want it to be accessible That's why we've made it possible for you to contribute any amount towards these startup kits. Whether it's funding a full kit or contributing to one, your donation is a step towards bridging the digital divide directly supporting minority entrepreneurs eager to start their ecommerce journey. You will; 

  • Create Sustainable Impact: By equipping someone with the tools needed, you're not just giving a one off gift; you're building a foundation for lasting change "teach a person to fish".

  • Be Part of Their Story: Every donation is a chapter in someone's success story. Your generosity writes these empowering narratives.

How To Contribute 

1. Purchase a Kit: Ready to sponsor an entire Ecommerce in a Box? 

2. Pledge a Donation: Every dollar counts. Pledge your donation here and be part of the change.

Note: We're in the process of obtaining charity status. For now, you can pledge the amount you wish to donate, and we'll keep you updated on our progress.

Join our mailing list to stay updated on our journey towards charity status and the impact your contributions will make.

Donate Now

Help us make a difference

Thank you for your pledge we will be in touch once we have charitable status approved !

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