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Diversity and Inclusivity in  .




Our mission

Our mission is to empower underrepresented groups with access to digital resources, training and opportunities in e-commerce. We aim to bridge the digital divide, drive innovation through diversity, and build a more equitable and inclusive e-commerce landscape.

Upcoming Events

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D.I.P Accelerator Program 

Our DIP Accelerator program is designed to empower underrepresented communities by providing them with the tools, resources and mentorship needed to launch and thrive in the digital world. We believe in the power of diversity, and we're on a mission to create a level playing field in the digital space. Our goal is to ensure that talented individuals from underrepresented backgrounds have equal access to opportunities in the digital economy.

Our program will include two intakes per year of up to 20 aspiring ecommerce business founders from underrepresented communities. These entrepreneurs will be guided through a free program that will provide them with:

  • Business Support: We provide a program to turn business ideas into reality, from refining your business model to building and marketing a viable business, guiding you every step of the way

  • Technology access: As part of the program, we partner with key tech providers to offer subsidised access to technology tools and platforms to support business growth

  • Expert mentorship: We will connect you with seasoned mentors and successful business owners from various categories who are committed to helping you succeed. They will provide guidance share their knowledge and offer valuable insights to help you grow.

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